Shoppinglist App – Privacy Policy

Dear user, we at SISDEV consider privacy to be extremely important. For this reason, we would like to inform you with the following information about which personal data we collect, if you use the App Shopping List or agree with the data protection information and how we handle this data. The app under the name Shopping List is offered free of charge by SISDEV (J. Ghodrati) – Am Planetenbrunnen 1 – 35510 Butzbach – Germany. The contact email address of the provider is – Please send all questions regarding app or data protection to the mentioned email address.

What data does Shopping List handle?

Shopping List does not use tracking software or other third-party software that can be used to collect personal information. The provider of the app collects only the ID of the device on which the app has been installed, as well as the IP address to better support the use of the app in terms of new languages ​​or functionality.

These data will be transmitted to our server after acceptance of the privacy policy by a secure connection (HTTPS).

All other data that you specify or process in the app will be stored in the app and not sent to us or third.

How do I delete my data?

You can delete your specified data in the app yourself by pressing “Clear all data” in the “Settings” area. This will delete all your data from the app. Please note that some mobile manufacturers create their own backups from the data of the installed apps. This has nothing to do with us nor do we have access to backups made. We have tried to the best of our knowledge and belief by programming to disable the so-called automatic backups. If you still have questions or concerns, please contact your mobile manufacturer.

If you would like to delete your device ID and the IP address from us on the server, please send us an e-mail to – please tell us in the email your device ID, the so-called UUID and the name of the app, in this case “Shopping List”.

Will my data be shared with third parties?

Clearly NO.

Changes to this privacy policy

The app “Shopping List” is constantly evolving, especially to further improve the functionality of the app. Such changes may also affect the use of your information. For this reason, we will from time to time adapt this privacy policy accordingly and update the app.